Our quality programme is based on the world renowned Italian approach to teaching,
“Reggio Emilia” where the environment is regarded as the “third teacher”.

Our programme also weaves the strands and goals of Te Whāriki New Zealand's early childhood curriculum.
Looking through a dispositional lens we recognize, value and support the dispositions which make children unique.

  • Children develop close relationships with their environment through a project approach supported by quality interactions and opportunities.

  • With support from passionate teachers children are able to engage their minds and deepen their understanding about the world around them.

  • Teachers value developing close relationships with children and their families. Building close relationships and knowing children well allows teachers to create the best learning environment.

  • For our infants and toddlers having a primary caregiver allows children the opportunity to develop close, consistent relationships enabling them to build a sense of security and confidence to be able to take risks and explore the wonderful world around them.
  • Our over two children are involved in many large group opportunities which encourage sharing of idea's and learning. They are also part of smaller whanau groups with children of similar ages allowing opportunities to cater for their specific learning requirements.

  • Teachers work closely with children and their families to create interest area's or provocations which encourage children's thinking, builds on their knowledge, creativity and imagination.

  • Our programme values strong links with the community through regular trips and visitors into the centre to support children's interests and learning.

  • Through careful observations, documentation, questioning and dialogue we work in partnership with children and families to extend learning and build capable confident learners of the future.