• “I am a seed, nurture and protect me and I will grow healthy and strong. Love and respect me and I will grow into someone miraculous and beautiful”


Welcome to The Secret Garden Childcare where we grow confident and competent children of our future.

Our Secret Garden Childcare Centre in Feilding is very unique. Set in enchanting magical acres of farmland, stimulating natural settings in homely learning environments, the Secret Garden is based on the world renowned Reggio Emilia approach to teaching.

The Secret Garden is a special place where children and their wider families are supported by qualified, motivated teachers who are passionate about key relationships and building quality learning experiences which grow children’s social competency and the dispositions they need to form a solid learning base for their future.

The Secret Garden childcare validates memories of yesterday with a strong focus on the present and future through trusting relationships and encounters in our optimal holistic environment.


The Secret Garden Childcare is a totally unique, inclusive centre providing the best quality learning environment for young children in a very special natural setting.

Our child-initiated program values and respects children and views all children as capable and competent learners.

We have a unique environment with large spaces and great ratios

Children experience an enchanting and stimulating environment, with the environment playing an important role (regarded as “the third teacher”). Children are supported by qualified, motivated teachers who are passionate about their learning and growing confident, competent children of our future.

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The Secret Garden Childcare Centre, 3 months - 5 years. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


(06) 323 0506
1459 Waughs Road, Feilding

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